The selection and fitting of a camshaft to an engine is something that requires the utmost care and attention during the engine building process. Failure to select and fit the correct camshaft will not achieve the desired performance, and not only be disappointing and costly, but may also damage other part of the valve train.

This section is provided to help both the professional and the amateur user, to achieve the best results possible from his or her Ivan Tighe Camshaft.

To help YOU choose the best camshaft for any engine

1.1 Determine the Customers requirements.

Even if many of your customers may know what their basic requirements are you as a supplier, have the responsibility to ensure that the customer has a good understanding of what his, or her engine is going to perform like with the camshaft that. you will supply. This will stop the customer bring the car back to you and claiming that. "You supplied the wrong camshaft."

To determine the correct camshaft profile, use this catalogue with your customer. So that they will understand how many different combinations that are available, and be aware of how important it is to have the correct information, so that the correct new, or remanufactured camshaft is chosen for the application.

Ask if a standard or modified camshaft is required.

If a Modified camshaft is required, quickly check with Section 5 of the catalogue to see if any of the helpful hints apply to this engine. If the customer has a good Idea what they require go to Section 6.

If a standard camshaft is required simply use the prefix of the camshaft (202 Blue) and the letters S.T.D. and a Standard camshaft will result.

If a Modified camshaft is required use the part # as described in Section 3, or modify the profiles as required.

Once this is established simply Telephone or Fax your Order to Ivan Tighe Engineering.