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Camshaft Selection Sheet

Company Name:

Contact Name:

Fax: Ph:

Is this an Order: or an Enquiry:

Engine Make/Model:

Capacity: Bore:

Compression Ratio: Stroke:

Rocker Ratio: Conrod Length:

Brand & Size of Carb/s:

Brand & Type Inlet Man:

Brand & Type of Cyl Head/s:

Type of Fuel Injection:

If Standard with Chip: Brand:

Cylinder Porting: Valve Size:In. Ex.

Flow Figures Available: Yes: No: Tested @ "H2O

What Fuel is being used:

What Type & Size of Exhaust:

Transmission Type: Auto: Manual: How Many Gears:

Stall Speed of Torque Converter:

Final Drive Ratio: Tyre Size:


Application of Vehicle:

Street Street/Strip Drag Circuit Rally Marine

If used for Competition, What Class:

Weight of Vehicle: Kg/Lb:

RPM Range Min: Max: Max Torque:


What Brand / Spec. Cam have you been using :

What Type of Tighe Cam do you require :

Hyd. Tappet Mech. Tappet Hyd. Roller Mech. Roller

Other Requirements:


Over the Camshaft you have been using , what part of the Rev Range would you

like more power:

Torque Only: Low Range: Mid Range: Top End:

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