The Catalogue has been designed around the part numbering system used on the master list of Ivan Tighe Engineering. The part numbers given to profiles identify them to the masters used to grind the shapes on the camshaft grinding machines. This allows a the different grinds to be easily recognised and the customer to be able to determine the exact specification in the years to come.

Model Prefix.
On Each page of the Profile list is a' Model Prefix', this is provided to set up the first part of the part number. This Prefix may include the Make, Model or Capacity of the Engine.


This is the Model Prefix for the Toyota 3SGE.

Profile or Grind.
The Second part of the Part Number is the Grind or Profile Number of the Camshaft. This is added to the end of Model Prefix, and gives the camshaft a simply 1 line part Number.


899C 77º 53º 55º 75º 310º 310º

#899C (The Profile or grind Number.)

CS 3SGE 899C

Combining Profiles.
If the camshafts that you require are a combination of two grind, this is also catered for by using the combination of both of the part numbers. When this is to be used the profile number becomes a bit more complicated.

The Exhaust profile is first, then the Inlet profile and then the Lobe Centre line.


CS 3S0E 899C / 919C - 102º

This is an 899C on the Exhaust and a 919C on the Inlet with 102º lobe separation.

Engine Position.
The position of the camshafts in the engine can also be specified if required, this is done by placing a' A ' for Advance and a ' R' and the Number of degrees that you require it to be moved.


CS 3SGE 899C / 919C - 102º - A4º

This would give the same camshafts as above except that the new lobe centre lines will be 106º on the Exhaust and 98º on the Inlet.

Reground or New.
When the part number of the camshaft is determined, the camshaft can be also a New or Reground camshaft if there is no prefix on the part Number it is assumed to be a New Camshaft. To change the camshaft to a regrind, simply ad the letters R.E. to the front of the Part number.


RE CS 3SGE 899C / 919C - 102º - A4º

This camshaft now becomes a Reground pair of camshafts, for a Toyota 3SGE, with an 899C on the Exhaust and the 919C on the inlet with 106º and 98º lobe centre lines.